Mix Mode (MM) is a timed game mode like Survival mode that rewards greater difficulty with better loot.

Mix Mode requires prior completion of Campaign Mode and can be enabled in conjunction with Hardcore Mode.


Mix Mode introduces the following differences from normal Survival Mode:

  • Monsters spawned do not follow the usual symmetrical and escalating pattern. It's possible to have Kobolds coming from one direction and Dark Elf Warriors from another direction on the first wave.
  • Wyverns will be able to spawn from any spawn point on most maps. Players may need to set up new defenses for this reason.
  • Skeletons will spawn as an individual mob and will not be tied to the death of a Dark Elf Mage. Players will need to kill these Skeletons three times as they resurrect themselves twice before dying off completely.
  • Spiders can spawn from creep doors, in addition to their normal spawning.

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