• Removed tavern messages on players joining and leaving
  • Dyes can now be sold on the dye page
  • Min and Max Quality filters put in for blueprints
  • View Active Sessions will no longer show missions on the final combat phase


  • Smoothed out wave progression on Endless Spires
  • Smoothed out wave progression on The Summit
  • Increased Arcane Library defense units from 80DU to 100DU
  • Monk's boost abilities now properly scale mana cost over time
  • Reduced Wyverns speed on harder difficulties
  • Increased Shroomite pet's poison spread to affect more enemies
  • Reduced the time between spawns on Death From above challenge
  • Adjusted health scaling on bosses to match campaign boss scaling
  • Curse of Weakness Amulet cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 7 seconds
  • Incinerate Amulet mana cost reduced to 50 from 80
  • Elemental Affinity Amulet base dropped from 300% to 150%


  • Spider minion now shoots webs again
  • Players can no longer enter mob spawn areas on Foundries & Forges
  • Players can no longer enter mob spawn areas on Dread Dungeon
  • Doors now open correctly on Magus Citadel
  • The Southeast spawn doors now open correctly on Endless Spires
  • Some locations on maps and the tavern have now been blocked to prevent players from ledge-hopping out of the map
  • Shai Hulud Huntress Weapon no longer has insane speed
  • Propeller Cats no longer rolls additional projectile and fire rate stats since it has no projectiles
  • Fixed doors not opening on Akatiti Jungle
  • Fixed Turtles on Akatiti Jungle from breaking after a single use
  • Leveling up in the Tavern will now give player full mana
  • Summoner when phase shifting will now have his armor disappear as well
  • Summoner's spider minions now attack at the correct rate
  • Countess' attacks now all hit properly on combo attacks
  • Initiate's attacks now all hit properly on combo attacks
  • Huntress flame thrower and poison flame thrower can no longer stun-lock enemies
  • Castle Armory's white column visual artifact is now gone
  • Amulets now auto-lock when equipped
  • Weight stat now properly displays on the Hero and Inspect screen
  • Removed the inspect folders in the crafting page
  • Amulets when equipped will display numbers immediately
  • Enemies spawn at correct levels on the final waves of No Towers Allowed challenge
  • Enemies spawn at correct levels on the final wave on Campaign and Moving Core maps
  • City in the Cliffs enemies like Orcs and Ogres should stop getting stuck in spawns
  • Tavern Siege's northwest spawner now functions as intended
  • Elemental enemies now only hurt a player once instead of twice in one attack
  • Hotkeys are now usable on the crafting page to do item management


  • Ogres have a new icon
  • Adjusted shop previews for a few items
  • Updated the regeneration aura heal icon and changed streaks on heal buff
  • Hamster pet's tooltips corrected
  • Summoner's dark elf warrior description has been spell checked
  • Added a description for the player debuff on Riddle of the Deep challenge