• Added a persistent Defender’s Forge to all Survival maps
  • Items will no longer disappear when more Gold Coins drop into the world
  • Gold Coins now have different denominations ranging from 5 to 10 gold (previously all coins were worth 1-2) and visually vary slightly in size; as such, we decreased the number of coins allowed on the ground at once
  • Increased the number of items allowed on the ground at once (from 25 to 35)
  • Added a note to the Jester’s Wheel’O’Fortuna ability that indicates it scales with Offensive Ability Power
  • Coin Bags now sell for the amount of coins in the bag (will sell for 0 if it is empty)


  • Linux: Fixed permanent black screen on Ubuntu 13/14
  • Fixed several pathing issues on Foundries & Forges
  • Removed the ability to start Survival on Moonbase, as there is no survival implemented on that mission
  • Fixed an issue where Summoner Spiders were not registering their kill counts
  • Fixed an issue where Goblin Copters on Crystalline Dimension were carrying and dropping old Ogres
  • Fixed an issue where maps that supported more than 4 players had their player names and ready status overlapping in the UI